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Wild Mountain Cellars – The taste of adventure

“It has always been my desire to live in the mountains, ski, and drink wine.”

The essence of Wild Mountain Cellars emanates through the founder, owner and winemaker, Matthew Deem.

Wild Mountain represents a look in the distance to unexplored terrain. Countless times Matt has been with his companions on a mountain quest, when they discover together, and say “now that would be a good line!”  He loves every chance at a new adventure, and afterwards a time to share the story with friends – with a bottle of wine, and a “picnic” of bread and cheese.

“I so love the combination of cheese, bread and wine, that I can’t think of anything better than having a picnic along a mountain stream, or on a mountain top.  So I wanted to create wines that exhibit the heartiness of a mountain – fuller bodied, with more character and deep complexity.”

When Matt found his place in Vail, CO, he took his thirst for wine to the next adventurous level, and he became a winemaker.  He began making wine with a small wine club, which eventually went commercial, and he was a winemaker there for 10 years. In that time, Churchill Wine Cellars won over 60 awards.

With a combination of Matt’s passion for excellent wine, and his taste for adventure, his craft grew into an old world style, hands-on winemaking, which involves the unique art of whole grape cluster fermentation.

“Whether I am trying to make a Rhone blend, or a Tuscany blend, or various varietals, I think, wine-in wine-out, my wines have excellent body, character and complexity. And that’s what I am striving for.“

The mountaineer logo represents the winemaker’s zeal for the mountains and wine – a cheeky glance to the distance, dreaming of tasting the adventure ahead.

Matt Deem believes life is better spent around a table with friends; the chance to share a story, and a laugh, over a glass of wine.

Wild Mountain Cellars – the Taste of Adventure.